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Kaspersky 2009

How to activate Kaspersky 2009 the easy way…

No keys necessary, no hacking skills necessary either…

First off download either KIS or KAV from the Kaspersky web site.

Once installed and it asks you to register, skip through this section.

After the computer has rebooted load up Kaspersky, click on “Settings” and go down to “Options” and un-check
“Enable Self-Defence”. Click ok.

Now disable Kaspersky and exit the program.

Next run regedit

For Windows 7 x64 users


OR for Windows Vista Ultimate x86


Scroll down to Product Status and change from “Release” to “Beta”

Exit regedit and reload Kaspersky, you’ll notice that when you goto the area where you
normally input your key you now have an option to “Activate Beta Version”.

Click this and you’ll get a 30 day BETA trial, the great thing is you can just redo this time and again,
so 30 days later just click “Activate Beta Version” again and you’ll get another 30 days. You only need to make the registry change once, not each time.

You can re-enable Self Defence once you’ve edited the registry.

Basically what you’ve done here is fool the Kaspersky server into thinking your using the BETA version of
the product when infact your actually using the Release version that will give you all the updates etc like
a full release.

No more keys, no more nagging!!

I am using Windows 7 Build 7077 x64 so I don’t know if the above registry location is different to Vista/XP x64/x86.

If so when you get to regedit search for “Release” and it will find the correct registry location after a couple of attempts. Infact it’s probably quicker just to do it this way anyway…

And remember: contribute and stay strong!


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