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Flickr Is “Evil”

In many countries where censorship is rampant, the website “flickr” is blocked. This website can be used to communicate and encourage resistance — and so, it is blocked by terrorists and oppressors. We cannot allow this. For those of you who want to know more and seek to help others: understand that everyone deserves to be heard and have a voice. Fuck the feds. This cyber war is about reality, not government propaganda. Understand this and we are powerful, join together and we are mighty, be one in unity and we are unstoppable. But if we act together and stay strong and never give in — we will never be defeated. We are the resistance to the norm, the censorship of oppressors will not stand. Flickr will not remain censored. If you are in a country where it is blocked – use the program below and access it. We are a defensive movement – we are anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Oppressors, terrorists, and whitehats: expect us.


/ ==UserScript==
// @name           flickr zensur
// @namespace      flickrzensur
// @description    help (by neuron, marduk, tflow, kayla, charos) 
// @include        http://**
// @include*
// ==none==

     2007/06/18: the used image wasn't available any longer, fixed


(function() {

var e = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
for (var i = 0; i < e.length; i++) {
	if (e[i].parentNode.parentNode.className == 'FlickrLogo') {
		e[i].src = '';
		e[i].style.width = '300px';
		e[i].style.height = '75px';


About theroyalanon

A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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