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th3j3st3r Doxed?

th3j3st3r :

[Reason for Attack:]

His wikipedia article pretty much says it
all, it’s about time someone put this
skid fag in his place. He’s one of the
most ‘famous’ hackers on the net, but, looks
like his true identity has just been revealed.
Get running, j3st3r. The feds will be after you
soon. We hope you enjoy your time in prison, jessy.

First of all, time to reveal his “0day” DoS method
which he’s so famous for:

” Version source : Server: Apache/2.2.15
Installed version : 2.2.15
Fixed version : 2.2.17

According to its banner, the version of Apache 2.2 installed on the
remote host is older than 2.2.17. Such versions may be affected by
several issues, including :

– Errors exist in the bundled expat library that may allow
an attacker to crash the server when a buffer is over-
read when parsing an XML document. (CVE-2009-3720 and

– An error exists in the ‘apr_brigade_split_line’
function in the bundled APR-util library. Carefully
timed bytes in requests result in gradual memory
increases leading to a denial of service.
(CVE-2010-1623) ”


Oh, look at that. it’s a public apache vulnerability.
lolskid. Now we’ve managed to prove that he’s nothing but
a well-known script-kiddie. Time to reveal his true identity:

Robin Jackson
Manager at WT Forensics, LLC
Helena, Montana (Great Falls, Montana Area)

Current Jobs:
Manager at WT Forensics, LLC (April 2011 – Present)
Pastor at Wolf Creek Baptist Church (December 2003 – Present)

Past Jobs:
Chief, MSB at State of Montana (December 2005 – May 2011)
President at Internections (1996 – 2000)
Director of Technology / Methodology at SHL Systemhouse (1993 – 1996)

Phone Number: 406-444-1797

Email Address:


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A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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