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Indonesia Must Step Down

Op Indonesia is archaic history, but it must not be forgotten. Indonesia has begun to re-censor citizens and they forget the wrath of anonymous that they faced only months ago. Because of this ignorance and for our own enjoyment – we are leaking the data from military accounts across Indonesia. We encourage anyone and everyone to man their vessels and charge their lasers. #OpIndonesia2.0 engaged.

|Administrator    |admin             |  |22ef049790c04bae3d2d3f43e9701bcf:DG8W1uQmV9Yz0EveF2E0tUl2AuHQuy5H |
|yusron ilhamsyah |sersan yusron kav3|      |58ba98278ba78a479f77a81c83c3439c:Z1M3Zs5fluPoODsiLrd09jUprwUlrBqe |
|Satwika Wicaksuh |satwikawicak      |     |9c4a23a80103e378273f727fb75de50d:9OtihzMfoFflQ2zAIjkd8IYem4sFt5E2 |
|Eko Wahyudiono   |ekowahyudiono     |    |f36f173c1b8c41a1c8bb6d84d4fbbaee:qSQX6jTQIYVlDiyAJb56JtjjrkXuONkK |
|Herdiyanto       |Herdi             |  |1b2c9982359fc7cf4cde88ae0e53cc0e:yvfJttF2z7fQnqdxU33YbAnEbPu8x8Ep |
|Hary Mulyanto    |hary              |      |33c566d122d465eb9ac10e531031b4b0:zGssjRUk06Y4ammVmKAxWDLtXTEgYyyb |
|pardiman sutejo  |pardiman01        |    |8bf680b410c3438aa507bec65c8ac3a5:ZUKqwlxRVh1hPGj6pWqMXbFK6vLXwaFt |
|arifwijanarko    |arifwijanarko     ||368c98c9fa8645030fdfc9de5e62cc6e:kk4VikmdQt0dGQNKUha8b5tkbIe1v4zr |
|jackie yudhantara|jackie            |       |d069d6f538b9f8a0d04cd51e76ae505f:Fwcnvn6UgYfyvnLR4s7ziRns9uGz3rVv |
|jackie yudhantara|shy               |      |74ceaf79c7df91cf0a97b784ebf256e4:Y9JI3vUKFo22Pe1fwecrbJalLbzSRyz6 |
|Heru Adetya      |heruadetya1205    |   |cfca3ccdbc915ccc1503bd888ec483d0:4lvBayeQ2kEgA8BopItgv4ZwSXYd4rR4 |


About theroyalanon

A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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