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Comrades in Cyber War

Our comrades are being arrested and tried across the globe in an international crackdown on the resistance. We, together, are in a deep need of inspiration. LulzSec provided that, now it too has fallen prey to the feds and the trolls. We have not blown away, we must believe in our movement. Behind this revolution, we are all people with our own personalities and preferences. We must not forget these — but if we are to truly function as a movement we must surrender to the wills of the hivemind and its global force.

There will always be oppressors, but please don’t stop fighting against them. Together, we can stomp them to shreds and overcome our past. We can have an impact anywhere we want. We cannot succeed if we are not one with each other. To all anons and supporters across the globe: stay strong and stay hungry. We are the resistance.


About theroyalanon

A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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