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Leaks of Lulz

For the past decade, the governments of the world have tried to take control of our Internet ocean. In an effort to stop these act of injustice, anions, team poison, GoatSec, and many other offshoots have joined forces in the movement of resistance – anti security or anti sec. We are sending our fleets to fight along side the trolls and hackers of the Internet to reclaim what is rightfully the people’s. We encourage anyone and everyone to man their vessels and charge their lasers. We encourage defacements of the enemies’ websites, and the use of the word “anti sec” on any and every website of a pro-censorship group. Any exposed intelligence that the enemy decided to withhold from us should be brought to light. It’s time to show the corrupt governments of the world that they cannot censor what they do not own. Anyone and everyone is strongly urged to join our fleet through rough waters in our attempts to restore the tainted Internet sea. No matter your ethnicity, origin, skin-color, or beliefs – we invite you to join us in our fight against censorship and corrupt governments. Come aboard or walk the plank. And in that spirit: here are some leaks for you to enjoy. Remember: Together we are strong.


About theroyalanon

A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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