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Anons: the feds are not friends. Anonops is crawling with them, and on some levels, anonymous is the easiest of organizations to infiltrate. Yet, on a deeper level, it is also the hardest. Anonops IRC is no longer the place of excitement and thrill that it used to be. But enough nostalgia. There was 4chan, then anonops, then lulzsec, and now we are here. What next, you might ask? Well… although the movement has changed form, it has not changed in ideals. There is still the core movement with battle fleet members and supporters spread across the globe for a variety of reasons. The Internet belongs to our chaos and our lulzy anarchy, and it always will. We may hate the feds and their multi-millionaire corporations and militaries, but we have made many enemies in our existence. From whitehats to cyber criminals, we are hated and loved – and we garnish the same bipolar feelings for others. Approval, disapproval – whatever. Behind this mask of insanity and mayhem, we truly believe in the anti sec movement that is beginning to manifest itself into a revolution that will shake the world. Together, united, we have stomped down our common oppressors and we continue to do so. So with those last thoughts, we now release the data from the feds. We hope we have a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere, anywhere and make this world a more lulzy place. I wish you all a great summer and a shout-out to all of our supporters and anions across the world. Never give in to obvious-fear-tactics. Together we are strong.


About theroyalanon

A computer geek, software engineer, and Internet activist. This is my podium by which I taunt the general populace into rebellion. Retired from LulzSec, and supporting Anonymous.

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